Nils Heck


Nils Heck is a Darmstadt/Frankfurt am Main (Germany) based photographer and filmmaker with a personal focus on social topics. He graduated from the Hochschule Darmstadt with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Pictures and from Fachhochschule Bielefeld with a Master of Arts in Photography and works as an editorial and commercial photographer for magazines and various cultural institutions.

Published Work & Clients

ZEIT, ZEIT Online, Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, S. Fischer Verlag, Financial Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Frankfurter Rundschau, ARD Mediathek, HR-Fernsehen, Oper Frankfurt, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Schauspiel Essen, SOLO Skateboard Magazine, Blonde Magazine, Mammut Sports Group, EOFT, skatedeluxe Skateshop, Intercity Hotel, Meanwhile Press, Theater heute, Die Deutsche Bühne, Opernwelt, Blackstreets Magazine, Theater Mousonturm, Sophiensaele Berlin

Exhibitions & Projects

Year Venue / City Exhibition
2023 AFF Galerie, Berlin Group Exhibition "KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED VIII"
2022 MARS, Frankfurt am Main Group Exhibition, „Friends with Benefiz“
2022 Kunstverein Bielefeld „Es geht so weiter“ as part of Cabrio 2022
2022 FH Bielefeld „LADERAS, Una pintura cotidiana" as part of Werkschau
2021 Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld „Es geht so weiter“ as part of „Familie" curated by Jan Borreck
2021 Kunstverein Bielfeld, Altstadt Carrée Bielefeld „Hey, you there my dear friend" as part of Cabrio 2021
2021 Kunstverein Bielefeld „Es geht so weiter“ as part of Politics of Friendship
2018 Staatstheater, Darmstadt Solo Exhibition, Perspektiven Ungewiss
2018 5th Base Gallery, London Group Exhibition, Loose London
2017 LT10, Rheinstraße 99, Darmstadt Group Exhibition, Das Versteck
2017 Bernardstraße 14-16, Offenbach am Main Solo Exhibition, El sueño de la realidad
2017 Jungbusch, Weserstraße 16, Berlin Solo Exhibition, El sueño de la realidad
Selected Work

This is a selection of my portrait work.

2019 – 2022

LADERAS una pintura cotidiana (Hillsides an everyday painting) deals with the current situation of civil society in the comunas (the outskirts) of Medellín (Colombia).

2013 – Ongoing

„It goes on like this". My grandpa always says this sentence when I come to visit him or ask him on the phone how he and Grandma are doing. My grandparents are 94 years old and have been married for 68 years. This work shows how they still live almost completely self-determined and in love with each other. Teresa and Christina take care of them because they need more and more help in everyday life. They both live in Poland and take turns every two to three months with the care of my grandparents.

2020 - Ongoing

„In many ways what I want to do is say: ‚Let me take you on a walk.‘ And we’ll start here and then as we’re walking I say: ‚Oh look at that, look at this over there.‘ And then the walk ends. That’s the experience.“ Henry Wessel


Commissioned work for the magazine of the Staatstheater Darmstadt, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. I wandered through the labyrinth of the whole building looking for signs of all the five centuries of the house.

2017 – 2018

With Love — Drag Queens are like the greatest divas on stage. They blur the boundaries between man and woman. With their hyperfeminity, they often seem to step out of their human shell. With Love shows the in-between moments and the highs and lows of the transformation process.


El sueño de la realidad
Dejamos nuestro refugio y comenzamos a caminar. Parece un sueño pero es real.
Cimas cubiertas de nieve con palmeras en sus faldas. Abre las cortinas que te impiden la vista.
Habla y sonríe con tu corazón.
Quiero ser tan honesto como pueda.
Una sonrisa cálida puede abrir el mundo y el cielo.
Nadie gana.
Simplemente una parte pierde más despacio.
The dream of reality
We leave our shelter and start to walk.
It feels like a dream but it’s real.
Mountaintops covered in snow with palm trees on the bottom. Open the curtains that block your view.
Talk and smile with your heart.
I want to be as honest as I can.
A warm smile can open the world and the sky.
No one wins.
One side just loses more slowly.


Commercial work for Mammuts „Do what you can’t” campaign. I documented Tom Belz and his crew ascending the famous Kilimandscharo.